Project Description

Deep Cleanings & Perio Disease

Periodontal disease, sometimes called ‘Gum Disease’, is the breakdown of the gums and bones around your teeth.  It is a major cause of tooth loss.

A periodontal evaluation will be assessed for every new patient.  If you suffer from periodontal disease, a healthy mouth regular ‘cleaning’ will not be enough to bring your bone and gum tissue to a healthy status.  X-rays and photos show bone levels and gum pocket depths measuring 4mm or greater are signs of the disease.

Scaling and Root Planings (SRP), or “Deep Cleanings”, is usually the best way to treat periodontal disease.  We will  place anesthetic to comfortably clean beneath the gums into the pockets where calculus and bacteria have been hiding.

Once you have completed the deep cleanings, it is ideal to return for professional cleanings every 3 or every 4 months, depending on the patient’s oral health.